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Remark - The New Era
The New Era (EP) – November 26, 2021

01. The Fall (Lyrics | Tabs)
02. Missing Link (Lyrics | Tabs)
03. Entitled (Lyrics | Tabs)
04. Dear Good Religion (Lyrics | Tabs)
05. Mullen (The Next Chapter) (Lyrics | Tabs)
06. Motors (Lyrics | Tabs)
07. The Crown (Lyrics | Tabs)
08. Memoirs (Lyrics | Tabs)

The Fall

What could we all do to hasten the fall?
Well, I know my friend. Can’t wait for the end.
We do our best, but we won’t get there in time.
Pray for dystopia.
Cut the subsea lines.
Deliver disorder to the civilians.
A more virulent pandemic?
A stellar bomb?
A supernova?
Our current actions are not enough at all.

Do we still have time to change our minds?
Well, we fuel despair. We just pretend to care.
We avoid evidence and head towards decline.
The new utopia
is to close your eyes.
Deliver blindfolds free to a million.
To pamper us in the solace.
And the amenities.
And the luxury.
Our future actions will fly like dust in the wind.

Let’s shake that seismograph with the good old nuclear program
and tear the whole thing down.


Missing Link

For the nth time, I ran down the information highway
Searching for the world in the wide web
The Infobahn, The Arpanet

When did the net go wrong?
Where’ve all the sane people gone?
I felt so isolated in the middle of the autobahn

For the first time, I saw everything in black and white
through the matrix guarded by the imbeciles
Drilled to kill your digital psyche

Why did they break the link
that was supposed to unite us all?
Emotions are so badly compressed in zeroes and ones

They built this wall of execution
Where all they defend is right
and the rest must be shot on sight
There’s another way, don’t you think?
We are all connected
but the message is distorted
We must all restore the missing link.


You are the chosen ones
And the whole world revolves around you
You are the important ones
And the only word you know is “me”

With that pervasive sense of deservingness
filled with dishonesty and selfishness
And what now? What do you want?
Who stamped you “special” when you came on earth?
Calm down now. You super saint.
At the end of the day you’re no different than us

We are the average ones
And we endured you long enough
We are the unperfect people
And we’re tired of your coercion

You pollute our well-being everyday
And engulf all the good we say
Now it’s time to shift sides
There is something that we have been waiting
for a long time from your side
Could you gently shut that trap once for good

We know you think you’re the elite
We know you like to compete
So relax and reduce the pace
Cause life is not a race

Dear Good Religion

Dear Good Religion.
Where did you go?
Why have you fallen far into oblivion?

Dear Good Religion.
I guess it’s all the crimes
And all the forced submissions to keep everyone in line
And all the false promises that you broke over time. Yahey.

I’ve heard that things aren’t going as planned recently.
And by “recently”, I am talking about several decades.

So keep the faith and dictate
until the end of our time
until we all die

Dear Good Religion.
Do what you want
Anyway, that is what you have always done.

Dear Good Religion.
You’ll never change.
The premise was noble but your story turned sad
Why did I call you good when you did so fucking bad. Yahey.

Mullen (The Next Chapter)

Let’s make a try for this never-ending story.
Not sure you’ll like.
For the noise and the beat, we’re sorry.

We are the same without the ness
We are to blame for all this mess
We are alone. We are two. No more no less.

So here we go with the drum and some fun but no glory.
All tracks by two.
With the axe and the bass and no worries.

We are the same without the ness
We are to blame for all this mess
We are alone. We are two. No more no less.

We are all the same without the ness.


Can’t you hear the motor buzz
From the ground to the atmosphere?
Maybe we’re due for a pause
Or maybe should we re-engineer?

The motor sucks up all your anger
Then spits it on your mates
They now seem like strangers
All is danger, all is hate

And the motor keeps running on and on

Can’t you see the motor spin
Around and around again?
Everyone is staring at their screen
And nobody wants to take the blame

Our society falls into pieces
And no one seems to care
Everyone has chosen their side
And is waiting the warfare

And the motor keeps running on and on

The Crown

We all slip down the rabbit hole, try in vain to escape.
And as Alices, we land in pain and swim in a pool of tears.
And at the time we reach the shore, they paint us all in red.
Everyone shuts up til the Queen is appeased for good.

We all land on the croquet ground, with flamingos and hedgehogs balls
And as Alices, we play an old game that we have already lost.
And at the time the Queen of hearts shouts “Off with their heads”.
No one is afraid as we all trample the Queen for good

We don’t need these false gods
We don’t need these dictators
I think it is time to drop our traditions
We don’t need a one-man-show, these adored manipulators
I think we are ready for a transition

What we want now is a change of the crown
What we see ahead should be better than wonderland


Have you ever seen the good old days in a different way?
In perspective, are you objective?
Or does it turn to grey?
We used to sing on punk rock melodies on sunday
I wonder if we won for life or did we miss the train?

We learned, We have failed at every step of the quest
We stood, We have tripped on every stone in the plain
We fell

Have you ever written words for hope, justice and empathy?
In my memory, these reveries were sadly doomed to decay.
Never thought about the future, fate or achievement.
At least when I look back I don’t feel any regret or pain.

We stood (we stood)
We have tripped (we have tripped)
We learned (we learned)
We have failed (we have failed)
We stood (we stood)
We have tripped (we have tripped)
on every stone in the plain (we fell)